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New monitoring Center for DTH

Eurocom delivery i one of the centres for monitoring for satellite (DTH) television and Internet by satellite (DiSat) most advanced in Latin America.

Eurocom continues to build its international presence in this case concluding a new project turnkey. The Integrator has carried out in Peru the new center of monitoring television satellite (DTH) and satellite (DiSat) Internet.

Eurocom wide experience in international projects as well as the management and control of the process of integration have been two of the keys by which Telefónica is back to relying on Eurocom. The time of execution of the project was barely two months, a record time for the realization of such projects.

Prior to the execution of the project, Eurocom carried out consultancy work, from civil engineering to counselling and technical solutions that comply with the requirements that the customer required. Once accomplished this stage before, and after the acceptance of the customer, be preceded to integration and the provision of the necessary equipment including starting up the system.

Eurocom in order to give the solution in hand full key was also responsible for the design of the furniture technician and support screens of videowall thanks to the work of the Department of mechanical engineering has. Finally, to complete the project, Eurocom carried out the training of the technical personnel who will be responsible for the operation of the Centre.

We can stand out as major contributions of Eurocom design of furniture in three levels in curve for 50 operators and with possibility of extension and designed for the integration of technical equipment. This technical furniture features are racks for cots for the implementation of the necessary technical equipment, solutions for the correct ventilation of the equipment as well as distribution and concealment necessary wiring

Main components of the project

- Video Extenders for all screens
-1 Matrix Video10 preset counters
-11 Multiscreen
-8 Patch Pannels video and RF
-13 Video converters
-Intercom (fixed and wireless)
-Communication with other rooms using fiber optics HD-SDI and wiring-RF Extenders
-Transfer and installation of 3 satellite antennas (1, 8 and 2, 4 m)
-Distribution (wiring and Splitters) for 110 points of different RF signals, (between furniture and other rooms)
-Distribution and certification of 135 Ethernet points divided into 3 networks management, all with wiring "Cat.6A"
-Mechanical adaptable to the installation of 40 Splitters and 113 Set Top Box (between furniture and Racks), with capacity to expand
-Transfer, installation and integration of equipment supplied by the customer

The experience can offer a superb post-sales service - Eurocom Broadcast. Comprehensive management of audiovisual projects
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